• “Kursen var mycket trevlig, lärorik, användbar och viktig…”

    – Ulrike Frank, Sr. Scientific Officer, Swedish Chemical Agency


  • “Ruben is a highly skilled and insightful negotiator, who understands the fabric and dynamics of negotiations.”

    – Rasmus Clausen, Head of Section, Danish Ministry of Defence.

  • “StIPS tailored it’s lectures to our audience of dynamic, young professionals with murderous time constraints. We couldn’t be happier with the results. ”

    Boris Ajeganov, Public relations officer, Stockholm Association of International Affairs

  • “This knowledge helped me to give several successful presentations and I will use these skills throughout my whole life.Thank you.”

    – Rebecca Demonkos, CEMS Graduate Handelshögskolan / SSE

  • “You get very practical tools that you can use in your everyday life. I recommend this lecture to everyone that has to hold a meeting or a presentation.” 

    – Elisa Magnusson, Utbildningsledare Folkuniversitetet Stockholm

Storytelling in speeches

You often hear people talking about the power of storytelling. And it is true! But what does it mean? Storytelling is a way of using a visual storyline and metaphors to get your point across. So how does it work? Check out this speech from the 1984 Democratic Convention by Mario Cuomo. He uses a metaphor that Ronald Reagan created about the beautiful house overlooking the city and turns it into his own ‘tale of two cities’. Metaphors, visualization and a good story line make this key note address one deserving a place amongst the legendary political speeches.