• “Kursen var mycket trevlig, lärorik, användbar och viktig…”

    – Ulrike Frank, Sr. Scientific Officer, Swedish Chemical Agency


  • “Ruben is a highly skilled and insightful negotiator, who understands the fabric and dynamics of negotiations.”

    – Rasmus Clausen, Head of Section, Danish Ministry of Defence.

  • “StIPS tailored it’s lectures to our audience of dynamic, young professionals with murderous time constraints. We couldn’t be happier with the results. ”

    Boris Ajeganov, Public relations officer, Stockholm Association of International Affairs

  • “This knowledge helped me to give several successful presentations and I will use these skills throughout my whole life.Thank you.”

    – Rebecca Demonkos, CEMS Graduate Handelshögskolan / SSE

  • “You get very practical tools that you can use in your everyday life. I recommend this lecture to everyone that has to hold a meeting or a presentation.” 

    – Elisa Magnusson, Utbildningsledare Folkuniversitetet Stockholm

Logos, ethos & pathos while under attack

Body language and voice control are crucial if you want to persuade your audience. But how do you maintain your composure under attack? See how the legendary Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher holds herself in her last performance in the Lower House on November 22 1990.

Her logos (logic-ratio) is brilliant. She picks up one word: relatively. She uses this small opening in the argumentation to move onto the attack and in her unique style she turns the tables on the opposition using strong body language, voice control and even humor.  With strong ethos (charisma) and high pathos (emotion) she performs  what has become known  as Margaret Thatchers Last Stand Against Socialism. A classic performance with which she bowed out of active politics with strength and style!