• “Kursen var mycket trevlig, lärorik, användbar och viktig…”

    – Ulrike Frank, Sr. Scientific Officer, Swedish Chemical Agency


  • “Ruben is a highly skilled and insightful negotiator, who understands the fabric and dynamics of negotiations.”

    – Rasmus Clausen, Head of Section, Danish Ministry of Defence.

  • “StIPS tailored it’s lectures to our audience of dynamic, young professionals with murderous time constraints. We couldn’t be happier with the results. ”

    Boris Ajeganov, Public relations officer, Stockholm Association of International Affairs

  • “This knowledge helped me to give several successful presentations and I will use these skills throughout my whole life.Thank you.”

    – Rebecca Demonkos, CEMS Graduate Handelshögskolan / SSE

  • “You get very practical tools that you can use in your everyday life. I recommend this lecture to everyone that has to hold a meeting or a presentation.” 

    – Elisa Magnusson, Utbildningsledare Folkuniversitetet Stockholm

“push open those stubborn gates!”

On the 28th of August 2013 Bill Clinton delivered a speech at the 5oth commemoration of the March on Washington. In this brief speech he demonstrates how to connect a historical event with current debates. A great example of ‘Kairos’ (the right or appropriate moment in time). He does this in a seemingly effortless way linking the dream of Dr. King to the current debates like the political gridlock, medicare and assault rifle background checks. And he does it without becoming hostile, aggressive or alienating his audience.

If we look at his techniques we see a lot of personifications (out flowed the Civil Rights act), oppositions (but a great democracy does not make it harder to vote then to buy an assault rifle) and tricolors (but we don’t face beatings, lynchings and shootings). But the strongest one is the repetition of the personification ‘open those stubborn gates’. With five mentions in two pages os speech that is clearly the core message of this short but powerful speech.

If you want to receive a pdf of the technique–color-coded text of the speech please send an email to info@stips.se.